17 mai 2007 – Conférence EURAM

Résumé de l’intervention de Xavier Hollandts en anglais :
Employee ownership has become a widespread phenomenon during the last two decades in developed countries. This increased popularity has been the result of continuous support from both executive managers and governments. Overall literature underlines positive effects of employee ownership on organisational performance. But, empirical studies on the employee ownership-economic performance relationship are mixed. This paper contributes to the current debate on the firm-level performance implications of employee ownership by empirically investigating, using a sample of french firms, one possible explanation of these mixed results found so far. We suggest that previous inconsistent results are due to the presence of a set of moderating factors [Blasi & al, 1996], which have not been taken into consideration so far, influencing the strength and the sign of the relationship between employee ownership and firm performance. In this paper, we empirically examine the moderating effect of an additional factor: non-executive employee board representation.

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