Doctoral programs in partnership with IFGE

Doctoral candidates choose IFGE as the Institute where they will carry out their dissertation work. At the IFGE, they carry out advanced studies concerning themes of corporate governance and management (Strategy, Human Resource Management, etc.) to better enable them to teach in thiese areas later on. Basing their work on the IFGE’s continually updated database, IFGE researchers participate regularly in international conferences and colloquia.

Research undertaken at the IFGE is characterized by its historical perspective, its recognition of the importance of mass shareholding, and its emphasis on the political dimension of corporate governance.

The IFGE conducts seminars in English for EM LYON’s PhD program, and in French as part of the doctoral programs at Lyon’s state universities. These seminars reinforce the research undertaken by underlining the link between the important current issues in corporate governance and the fields of Strategy and Organizational theory.

The PhD course in corporate governance is based on Pierre Yves Gomez’ work: Entrepreneurs and Democracy: Entrepreneurs and democracy : a Political Theory of Corporate Governance

For more information, contact Catherine Perrier

To see previous PhD Dissertations with IFGE, choose « Thèses » in Publications.

An example of master dissertations at the IFGE

Stefan Asseman, who recently graduated with a research-oriented Master’s degree from EM LYON/ LYON III, wrote his Master’s thesis on the following subject: Is the market for firm managers efficient?

Download in pdf (French) : Mémoire Stefan Asseman


Morten Huse

Professor of Organisation and Management at the Norwegian School of Management BI in Oslo

The IFGE is an important actor in the European corporate governance debate, and IFGE was the instrumental founder of the European Corporate Governance Network (ECGN). ECGN stimulates coordinates research conferences, research projects, faculty exchange and teaching and seminars on boards and corporate governance across Europe. Thanks to IFGE for this initiative.

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