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 The IFGE offers a course, based on lectures and case studies, entitled «Corporate Governance and Strategy», as well as a distance-learning module using our e-learning tool, «Corporatia».

Corporate Governance and Strategy

 Shareholder value», «the role of pension funds», «market power»: for over a decade, company management seems to be dominated more and more by financial considerations. Throughout the world (mainly in the United States, but also in Europe and Japan), the institutions of corporate governance are changing. In France, however, the workings of these institutions remain a mystery. Did you know that 40% of the employees of the CAC 40 companies own shares in the companies in which they work? That pension funds are the driving force behind efforts to rid US firms of managerial incompetence? That these same pension funds represent almost half of the market capitalization of the Paris stock exchange, and yet do rarely own more than 3% of the shares of any one company?

Owned by hundreds of thousands of shareholders, the listed company of the 21st century will look very different from that of the 20th century. Who will have controlÉand who will have responsibility? The objective of this course is to explain these evolutions of corporate governance in basic terms, to describe the principal mechanisms of managerial control in corporate governance systems around the world (from stock options to the work of board committees, etc…), and to take a critical look at the limits of such evolutions.

Have a look at the powerpoint of the first course: Gouvernenance et Stratégie séance 1


 Corporatia is an on-line teaching tool that can be used by both practitioners and students of corporate governance. It introduces participants to the many and varied issues addressed in the field of corporate governance, most notably the issues of mass shareholding and shareholder activism.

Corporatia is a virtual city, a «corporate city» that has to be «governed». The course participant can move between different neighbourhoods in the city, and in each of them discover the issues of corporate governance that each neighbourhood represents. There are four neighbourhoods in this virtual city:

  • The History section
  • The Business section
  • The International section
  • The Activist section

 There is also a Library, in which the works and thought of major authors who have dealt with corporate governance are discussed.

 To give you a clearer idea of how this tool works, we provide free and unlimited access to the Corporate History Museum, which can be found in the History section.

Free entrance to the Museum here



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