Our activities

Research center

IFGE aims to build collective knowledge from diverse experiences and works on corporate governance and thus help build legitimate, therefore effective solutions.

Think Tank

The IFGE draws its originality from a continuous exchange of ideas and experiences among researchers and stakeholders of the firm. The Institute produces and distributes free synthesis tools and provides training to business and the wider public.

Our lines

Top-managers vs Directors

The Top-managers vs Directors project examines the scope of powers of Top-managers and how the Board of Directors controls them.


Shareholders vs Investors

The Shareholders vs Investors project studies in particular the effects of ownership on corporate strategies.

Financial vs Human Capital

The Financial vs Human Capital project is concerned with the fact that the competences and knowledge of employees are playing a larger role than ever in the creation of firm value.

Business vs Society

The Business vs Society project examines the economic, social, and political role of the capitalist enterprise in contemporary society.