The IFGE philosophy

As a research center based at a major business school, the IFGE’s mission is to develop and deepen the knowledge of corporate governance and to make that knowledge available to the wider public. It is essential, therefore, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences through meetings of those who face these issues on a daily basis, be they researchers or firm actors, in order to promote a fruitful growth of knowledge. It is our belief that an area as fundamental to society as corporate governance cannot be the domain of only one interest group. All stakeholders must have a place in this social dialogue. We believe that legitimate and efficient solutions for firm governance can only be built from a diversity of opinions and expectations.

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Work with us

The IFGE takes an active role in the formation and development of high level researchers. If you are a doctoral candidate, send us a cover letter along with a detailed description of your research project. Furthermore, EM LYON has a PhD program and delivers a doctorate, to which interested candidates may apply.

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The ECGG: A European network of corporate governance research

In 2005 we participated in the creation of a network of researchers based at Europe’s top business schools. The objective: the creation of high quality research through the facilitation of a comprehensive exchange of ideas and through short term research assignments for both doctoral candidates and established researchers at member institutions.


Alessandro Zattoni

BOCCONI University, Milan

The ECGN is an intellectual space where governance scholars may meet to present and discuss their researches. It is particularly insightful to participate actively to the network.

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