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IFGE’s motto  is Research in the service of Action . For this, we participate in major social and political debates that allow to change the governance of the company. Through a network of partners – companies , professional associations and trade unions – we can compare our ideas with the experiences of the actors of corporate governancen, which benefits our research. But we also take our role as a stakeholder among those that contribute to better thinking and better organizing governance.

Thus IFGE became a social laboratory where we invite them to work with us in seminars and thematic meetings . This resulted in specific publications:  the MiddleNext French Governance Code for SMEs; « Cahier pour la Réforme » ; « Preuves a l’Appui »; surveys on governance of SMEs in collaboration with the APM network. We also feed continuous participation in the media and the major debates on governance dialogue. Pierre-Yves Gomez has been writing monthly in Le Monde since 2008.

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You wish to become a Partner of the Institute

– Because you are interested in the issue of corporate governance
– Because you would like to both contribute to and benefit from reflection regarding this topic
– Because you would like to participate in the development of a French perspective on this topic

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Who are our Partners?

Over 2000 players in the economy: companies, professional and trade organizations, consultants. Some have been engaging with us:











Christian Caye

Sustainability manager, VINCI

«VINCI has been working with IFGE for a long time. We find many advantages in that collaboration: discussion between the company and the academic arena, doctoral researches, side-projects on employee shareholders. IFGE's members are friendly people to work with!»

La recherche
au service de l'action

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