Family firms, a new database compiled at the IFGE

261 company managers took time out to answer our questions.
The collated database offers information on the Identity of the CEO respondents and their companies, their Business strategy, their Capital funds (current equity structure plus 5-year forecast), and the content and operational deployment of their Corporate Governance system.
This database can be cross-compared against existing IFGE databases (CAC40, SBF250) to provide critical insight into the specific features and requirements of SME Corporate Governance. The fact is that, based on INSEE figures for 2005 (drawn from the SIRENE register), of the 2.6 million registered businesses in France, 98.9% counted less than 50 employees, and close-on 60% were sole proprietorships…

This database is under the managership of Christophe Coche, who works within the « Shareholders » research cluster on patterns of change in family firms.

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