Enquiry on corporate governance in SMEs: first results

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Corporate governance is not the sole preserve of listed companies. It also extends to the thousands of small and medium enterprises seeking to improve their governance action to groom succession, go public, steer growth, or simply facilitate decision-making and shoulder the CEO’s decision-making burden.

This is a reality that needs to factored in to prevent the ‘codes of business conduct’ developed through public corporation experience from being forced through without catering for the specific features and real needs unique to SMEs.

In order to drive compelling proposals in this branch, the French Association for progressive management joined forces with the French Corporate Governance Institute (Institut Français de Gouvernement des Entreprises; IFGE) to lead an enquiry on corporate governance in unlisted French SMEs and SMIs. Here, we present some of the first-in results from what is a pioneering study at French national level.


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