Lecture series schedule for 2008

For the 4th year running, the IFGE has organized a series of open-floor seminars on corporate governance. A new feature of the 2008 series is that it has been co-organized in partnership with two other Lyon-based research centres – the Laboratory of Institutional and Enterprise Economics Research (LEFI, Université Lumière Lyon 2) and the Economics and Organizations Management Research Group (Groupe de Recherche en Économie et Management des Organisations; GEMO, ESDES).

These workshops are designed to cross-fertilize ideas from economics, management control, law and sociology on the governance challenges that organizations and institutions are currently contending with. Six top-flight names from these social science disciplines will keynote discussion on topics spanning globalization, economic and political relations with the law, building extended enterprise, corporate social responsibility, and more (the schedule is outlined below). The panel of issues covered can be expected to converge towards a broader vision of the transformations occurring in contemporary capitalist societies.

To download : seminaires 2008

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