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Guidelines for reasonable corporate governance – 2015 edition
> May 2017
How shared capitalism affects employee withdrawal: An econometric case study of a French-listed company
> Mar 2015
A qui appartient l’entreprise: aux actionnaires, aux entreprises, ou à personne?
> May 2014
Asma Fattoum – PhD Defense on Dilemma Faced by Founder-CEOs at IPO
> May 2014
Sébastien Dérieux – Thesis on the transmission of the concept of work well-done in companies
> May 2014
For a theory of employee participation based on giving
> Oct 2013
In their profession’s service: how staff professionals exert influence in their organisation
> Sep 2013
Taking Stock Of Institutional Complexity
> Jul 2013
New book from Pierre-Yves Gomez and Harry Korine
> Jan 2013
Entrepreneur and Democracy: a political theory of Corporate Governance
> Nov 2008
Can negative externality be internalized within a CSR framework?
> Nov 2008
Democracy and governance: A benchmark paper
> Mar 2006
The leap to globalization: creating new value from business without borders
> Nov 2002
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