For a theory of employee participation based on giving

Nicolas Aubert publishes an in Économie et Sociétés on the complementarity of the two forms of employee participation – to management and to capital – by linking them through the theory of giving.

Aubert Nicolas. Pour une théorie de la participation des salariés fondée sur le don, 2013, Economies et Sociétés, série K, vol. 22, n ̊1.


In line with the work of François Perroux, we discuss conditions for founding a theory of participation of employees through giving. We note first the failure of the theoretical link between the two forms of participation of employees in the company: participation in decision making and management and participation in profit and capital. Empirical studies find complementarity between the two forms of participation but no justification for contractual theories of the firm. To explain this complementarity, we propose to refer to Perroux linking donation and participation.

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