Taking Stock Of Institutional Complexity

Thibault Daudigeos published with Amélie Boutinot and Stéphane Jaumier an article in Research in the Sociology of Organizations on institutional logics.

Daudigeos, Boutinot & Jaumier, 2013. Taking Stock Of Institutional Complexity: Anchoring A Pool Of Institutional Logics Into The Interinstitutional System With A Descendent Hierarchical Analysis, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 2013/6/24, 39, 319-350.

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Institutional pluralism is an intriguing phenomenon for institutional scholars. How  the balance among logics evolves within a field and what kind of trajectories a set of logics  may experience over a long-term period remain unclear. In particular, extant literature tends  too often to downplay institutional complexity by focusing on two dominant logics, and to  ignore modes of interaction among logics other than competition. In order to address these  issues, we offer a novel methodology for measuring institutional complexity–multiple …   

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