Why French Pragmatism Matters to Organizational Institutionalism

Brandl, J., Daudigeos, T., Edwards, T., & Pernkopf-Konhäusner, K. 2014. Why French Pragmatism Matters to Organizational Institutionalism. Journal of Management Inquiry, 23(3): 314–318. 


In this dialogue, we explore the potential of bridging different approaches for furthering the field of organizational institutionalism. The two particular approaches that have received considerable attention include the institutional logics perspective and French pragmatism. While both present new opportunities, we briefly consider the implications of the treatment of action by proponents of French pragmatism for analyzing the importance of institutionalized rules in organizations. Our brief overview sets the tone for a more constructive conversation among scholars, which is exemplified in the various contributions to this dialogue that consider points of cross-fertilization and the consequences of such work for the field of organizational institutionalism. 

Key words

Institutional logics – French pragmatism – organizational institutionalism – action – institutional rules

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