IFGE is at the heart of a network of partners that help not only in its development but, more fundamentally still, participate in its work by the experiences, thus enriching research on governance. For some partners, working with the Institute allows them to further questions about their own governance and development. For others, publications and research of the Institute allow them to better understand, sometimes a step ahead, the ongoing developments of capitalism and the major challenges for businesses.

It is through these multiple partnerships that IFGE was able to publish its « Cahiers pour la Réforme » offering overviews of the major issues of governance. The Governance Code for SMEs is the product of experience with our partners, including the diversity of forms of governance that allow us to study.

Finally, partners at IFGE are linked in a network of expertise and knowledge transfer which is a unique community of experience in France on the theme of governance.
To become a partner of IFGE, contact the secretary of IFGE :

Catherine Perrier
perrier@em-lyon.com –
They were partners:











Christian Caye

Sustainability manager, VINCI

«VINCI has been working with IFGE for a long time. We find many advantages in that collaboration: discussion between the company and the academic arena, doctoral researches, side-projects on employee shareholders. IFGE's members are friendly people to work with!»

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